Course #1: From The Cantus To The Choir

Do you wish that you could simply sit down and write a piece of music when asked – or better yet – ANYTIME you want? And would you like to know that what you DO write will be acceptable – even GOOD?

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Here’s What We Will Learn Together

In Course #1, you will be exposed to my process of writing a classical piece of music, beginning with a blank piece of score paper. You will learn the fundamentals of composing a Cantus Firmus, and the beginning concepts of Counterpoint. We will then proceed to transforming the Cantus and its Counterpoint voice into a playable piece of music, in four parts, suitable for SATB choir, String quartets, Brass or Woodwind Quartets. Finally, I will share how to transform an Eight Measure exercise into a performance-length piece of Concert Music.

  • Fall in love with music again by learning how to compose!
  • Understand the fundamentals of Voice-Leading
  • Discover what I learned at the Vermont College of Fine Arts that allowed me to get my muse to come out and play with me!
  • Tap into the inner “something” that inspiration springs from.
  • Learn how to write a quality piece of music absolutely anywhere.
  • Utilize my best musical worksheets that get you composing great music as quickly as possible.

Paige Garwood

M.Ed.; MFA

My name is Paige Garwood, and I have been a professional musician since the early 70’s. I took some time off to raise a family, but once the kids were gone and it was just me and my wife, I threw myself back into the musical fray.

Even though I am primarily a self-taught musician (beyond a 6 month excursion at the Armed Forces School of Music), I took a chance and applied to a grad program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. To my complete surprise, I was accepted into the program. And those two years formed the foundation for my composer’s journey. It was during this time that I discovered MY process for writing music. In this course, I’ll teach you everything I have learned.

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