Why Music Theory?

Here is a valid question – why do I, as a guitarist, need music theory? Isn’t that for classical players or pianists?

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The Caged System

(Volume One)

You don’t need ALL of it. But if you consider that music theory is a language, then you would have to agree that you need to know at least enough to communicate with the musicians that surround you. So depending on your intentions, musically, you will need to learn SOMETHING of music theory.

If your world is as a guitar player in a Bluegrass world, and you like to be involved in jam sessions, then you would probably want to understand basic chords and scales, some of the more common keys you will find yourself playing in, how to read basic song sheets, some guitar Tablature… stuff like that. Odds are, many reading this are already doing all of that. Congratulations! You already know some music theory… READ MORE

The Caged System

(Volume Two)

The CAGED system is a system of navigating the guitar fretboard that has always appealed to me, and is the backbone of my personal guitar instruction with my private students. Perhaps it is not the only way to work out the puzzles presented to us guitarists by the fretboard but it IS the best way for me, and is the system that opened up the fretboard to me as I studied the guitar over the years.

Once I put a lick, solo, or melody within the confines of one or more of the five forms, I am immediately able to transpose that lick, solo, or melody to any key. In this volume I will set forth how I use the CAGED system to play the Major Scale, the Major Pentatonic Scale, arpeggios, and basic melodies, presenting it to you in an easy-to-understand format… READ MORE

The Caged System

(Volume Three)

In this book you will be introduced to the Pentatonic Scale and the Major Scale for each form in the CAGED system. There will be one song that you can use to practice each form. The point of this tutorial is to get you to think in terms of the fretting hand i.e. the finger positions needed in each form.

If you can place a melody within a form, then you can instantly change keys by simply moving that form up and down the neck… READ MORE

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